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Lake House Woodwork

Neck Roller

Neck Roller

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These rollers are perfect for working on the small muscles in your neck. The combination of leverage and the ball size gets into the nitty gritty and loosens your head pedestal right up.

Hand turned, they are solid and feel great against your skin (much better than rubber or plastic).

Each roller is finished with board butter and will further condition the more you use it on your body.


Length is ~11". 



These are truly a no-waste product and are made from whatever hardwood we have in stock at the time. Because of their small size, most of these pieces would have gone to the burn pile.


Each piece is made to order. The rollers shown are examples. Yours will be made with the same care. Length may vary slightly.

Being a two person shop, we can't take photos of every piece we send out the door, but rest assured, we use only the best quality woods and your roller will be as beautiful as the ones pictured here. 


Please allow 3-5 days for us to make and ship your order. 

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