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Lake House Woodwork

Big Kid (aka Adult) Step Stool

Big Kid (aka Adult) Step Stool

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These step stools are a little bit taller for the big kids in your life. You'll be proud to display them (instead of hiding them in a closet), and they are not only functional, but are of such high-quality you'll want to pass them down for generations. 

Each step stool is made to order—handcrafted, shaped and finished from sustainably harvested local Hawai'i hardwoods. 


16" L x 12" W x 10" H


Because we strive for zero waste and use wood we have (which would otherwise be burned), the woods we use for these step stools vary depending on what is available.

Please specify if you would prefer a darker wood or a lighter wood. Refer to the swatch picture to see examples of dark and light woods. If you're set on a specific species, make a note in your check out and we'll do our best to use that one. 

Pictured is a lychee step stool.

Note that all monitors display colors differently and each piece of wood is unique so use the swatches as a guide and don't get yourself twisted about the exact species. All these woods are gorgeous, you won't be disappointed in any choice you make.


NOTE: Everything is made to order. The stepstools shown are examples of our handmade stools. Yours will be made with the same care and with the species of wood you choose. Size may vary slightly.

Being a two person shop, we can't take photos of every piece we send out the door, but rest assured, we use only the best quality woods and your stool will be as beautiful as the one pictured here. 


Please give us 1-3 weeks to make and ship your item. 

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