Lathe-work is an integral part of our business: from heirloom bowls, to one-of-a-kind serving platters, lamps and furniture.


Most of our forms are based on traditional Hawaiian umeke (bowls). From native species like Koa, Milo, and Ohi'a to introduced species like Cook Pine, Australian Pink Cedar, Mango and Monkeypod, we enjoy showcasing the incredible grain of the woods that grow on Hawai'i island—creating pieces that become heirlooms.

Plates & Platters

Noah turned his first square plate in high school under the tutelage of master turner, Elmer Adams. Since then he's played with shape, size, and form.

The Pele's Platter design (featured) is his own.

Other Turnings

Some of the more unique and popular items we make are Indian Swinging Clubs, lamps and poi pounders, but the lathe-work doesn't end there, turnings often find their way into furniture as well.

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