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Wood Butter

Wood Butter

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Wooden kitchen tools—spatulas, salad tongs, cutting boards, rolling pins and butcher blocks, for example—require a little love to stay in top shape.

This Wood Butter, made from local beeswax, fractionated coconut oil and lemon essential oil, is shelf stable for years, smells divine, and works wonderfully well to condition your kitchenwares (and your hands). 

We make it by hand in small batches. It's 100% natural, food safe and dare we say, edible (but your digestive tract might not enjoy a spoonful of beeswax).

These jars contain 4oz of wood butter. They're the perfect size to keep in your spice drawer. We like to put a small piece of cloth in the jar itself so it's handy to swipe a coat on a thirsty spatula. 


Lay a coat on your thirsty wood and let it soak in. You can leave it a bit oiled or wipe the surface to remove any remnants. If you work a little heat into it by rubbing vigorously, the oils will penetrate further and the wax will seal better. 

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